March 20, 2010

Game #70 -- Red Wings @ Oilers


As the drunken ghost of Wilt Chamberlain once told me when he mistook me for Kate Hudson at a wild Beverly Hills pajama party -- I can give it to you both ways. In this case: perspectives.

There's the optimist's view:

We got a point! We're in 8th! Let us dance around the courtyard and drink from unnecessary, oversized diamond goblets and be gay with one another. Do we have to do that last part, you ask? Yes, we do. Because that's what optimism is. If my grandfather taught me correctly (and you'd have some balls calling Grandpa Deke a liar), then "optimism is so gay." Well, so be it then. If we're going to look at things from a positive perspective and focus on the good and do away with the bad, then we're just gonna have to accept this new lifestyle choice. (Oh, wait a minute -- I'm wrong, it wasn't optimism. Yeah, it was Oppenheimer funds. Definitely Oppenheimer funds. And he didn't say it was "gay" as I recall; he said it was "a trustworthy source for mutual fund managers." Geez, there I go again confusing his sage advice. I apologize.)

Anyway, thank the heavens that Theo Peckham decided to go touch himself in the corner rather than play the puck, leaving it in the zone and allowing Brian Rafalski to save the day. We should cherish this night, when the exhilaration of March Madness buzzer beaters lent itself out to Red Wings fans everywhere. And the long break between games has left us with a game in hand over the Flames.

Then there's the pessimist's view:

On three days of rest and preparation, the Wings gave up a goal less than a minute in. Then they soon gave up another while sporting less defensive coverage than what is seen at an NBA All Star game. They were 0.3 seconds away from taking no points from the worst team in the league. Then they only got one instead of two because they don't win shootouts. It's just not their thing. The loss came at the hands of Devan Dubnyk, who previously held an NHL record of zero wins and 265 losses. Patrick Eaves left the game with an injury, and knowing our luck this season, he will probably need like a neck transplant. The Wings now travel to Vancouver on a grueling back to back, and no team in the leauge has more home wins than the Canucks. P.S: Todd Bertuzzi.


Well, that second part was no fun. I want to be a gay mutual fund investor, take the high road and be happy for the one point we got, and I'll even feel slightly happy for Dubnyk. I am a Detroit Lions fan after all and I shutter at seeing 0's in the left hand columb.

Go Wings. And for one more game at least, Go Green. (Now you say "Go White" back and it's just like college! Hooray! I suck.)


AxeMaster9 said...

I summoned the strength of Tyler last night. 4 minutes left in the 3rd I dropped the pants. 2 minutes left I lost the shirt. 30 seconds left it was the full monty. .2 seconds left I pulled every muscle in my body. Unfortunatnly this does not translate well to overtime or shootout.

My biggest issue with last night is the fact they played probably about as good 50 minutes of hockey that a team can play and somehow that let them off the hook for that first 5-10 minutes. I almost wish they would have lost 10-0 so Babcock could go Herb Brooks on their collective ass. I want Steve Yzerman to walk up to every single player on that team and stare at them for 30 seconds without saying a word.

Oh well. As my Grandpa always said "the wind may sometimes blow to the right but the Middleton fair has the best best carnies in the west".

Triple Deke Staff said...

I summoned the strength of Tyler last night. 4 minutes left in the 3rd I dropped the pants.

That's going on my parent's fridge.

Baroque said...

Flat effort after having a looooooooooong break ... honestly I expected a big fat 0 points, so getting one was more than I thought they would get.

And at least they gave Dubnyk his first career win. I can't help but feel happy for the poor kid getting rid of the 0-fer.

And if the Sharks weren't such useless lumps of cartilage it wouldn't be as much of an issue. They shouldn't be entering playoff made quite yet - they need to pace their choking.

hockeychic said...

Baroque - I agree, I was quite unhappy with the Sharks last night and then the Wings didn't help much. When it was going to the shootout, I knew we were toast. Very flat and yucky effort in the first. Sigh.

I can't even begin to tell you how sick I am of passes rolling off #44's stick or him blowing shots or basically, any time he is on the ice.

Chris said...

I love the damn picture of the snowman. If i saw that on the side of the road, I'd crash.