March 25, 2010

Game #73 -- Red Wings vs. Blues


The "Finnish Flesh" in his street attire: a barracuda skinned coat and a scarf made entirely of neck ties.

You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you, but the night before Babcock juggled the lines around and Fil ended up on a line with Hank and #44, I was talking to somebody and said "I don't understand why Fil doesn't play on Pav or Hank's wing. He's wasted playing on the 3rd or 4th line." Then, the game following that horrid loss to Calgary, that brain ninja idea theif of a coach put my plan into action and it has been money ever since. The Wings haven't lost in regulation with the new lineup.

The same goes for #44, who doesn't even look bipedal when he's not with Pav or Hank. But that doesn't matter as long as these guys keep producing together. And you know, this all could've turned around a lot faster if Babs would've DROPPED ME AN EMAIL OR SOMETHING. For some reason, he never talks to me when he's talking strategy with McCrimmon and MacLean. It's like I don't even exist to him. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these fans who think they're actually a part of the game. That's totally not me. I just wish I could get some acknowledgment when I text Babs to not fall into the 1-2-2 when we're holding a late lead. I use all caps and emoticons, I know he's seeing this shit.

Onto the brief recap:
  • This was a tough, physical, playoff-style game from the start, and a whole lot of that physicality came from that guy who used to be Dan Cleary. A lot of us in the Wing-o-sphere (Am I the only one who uses this term? Because it makes me feel like a schmuck. It really does. So does digging for exact change while the drive-thru guy is waiting impatiently. Also, I sneeze really loud, and it's pretty much on purpose. Yet I always do these things. Hold on a second ..... I've been a fucking douche bag this whole time. Well I'm definitely marking this down as an eye-opener) have blasted Cleary for being invisible, even making dumb jokes that start "If you look up 'invisible' in the dictionary..." which doesn't make any sense, because you wouldn't be able to see a fucking picture of him because he's fucking invisible. Jack asses. Christ. Anyway, Cleary played like a horny grizzly bear tonight (angry; a lot of hugging/grinding; ate out a bee hive;) and really showed some sack. What got into him, you might be wondering? Well, between you and me, I think Babcock bit him. Yeah, really. Like right on the asshole. Wouldn't you play angry after that?
  • FSD did their little Bernstein Advantage Scouting Report dealy on Fil. While no other Wings blog got pimped like Nightmare on Helm Street the other day (apparently they either don't take threats such as "...or I'll end his fucking life" seriously, or they really don't care about that much about Trevor Thompson) we were graced with some hilarious inside knowledge of Fil's television watching habits: Friends. Look, I sort of liked Friends, and this is still too perfect. If I were to write some fictional thing -- you know, like 90% of what I write -- in which Fil was watching TV before a game, I would most assuredly say it would be Friends, and then it would be the 50th time that Fil made everybody watch "The one where Ross gels his happy trail" or whatever girly shit he did that week. Seeing this one graphic made the whole game for me. We could've lost 8-0 for all I care.
  • On second thought, a Wings blog nearly did get a plug, right after Datsyuk's breakaway miss in the 3rd. Ken Daniels said "He dangled, but he missed with the snipe," clearly channeling Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle. They read this stuff, I'm telling you. Which reminds me of an important note: I'm totally kidding about the Trevor Thompson thing in the last paragraph, FSD/onlooking police investigators/mom.
  • This is the last post before the Brazilian guy gets here, so I want to wish you all a farewell because at least half of us are probably going to die or end up trapped in some abandoned farmhouse outside of Windsor. The Triple Deke in its entirety will be there, so if you're coming down to the Hockeytown Cafe pregame shindig, be sure to mention this ad to one of us and get a free noogie.
In case you have forgotten what we look like, i don't want there to be any surprises.

Tyler / Brent


Rob said...

A beauty, as always, gentlemen

AxeMaster9 said...

The answer is yes. The question is, did I fall for the 'what we look like' link.

cmk said...

On 8 April 2006, I fell in love with a hockey player: Valtteri Filppula. Even though it has taken quite some time, I'm happy others are--FINALLY--seeing what I saw so long ago. ;) (And I am NOT talking about his looks.)

Have fun this weekend--as I'm sure you will. I'm very jealous, but also very realistic: I don't think I would have fit in. From the pictures, it looks as if all of you people are young enough to be my kids! And NO ONE wants their mother around when they're having fun. :D

Fox said...

Have fun at that Herm event ... hey, doesn't someone owe me a post about wanting the 'Hawks in round one? Plug on Puck Daddy (for Herm, not you guys, my eclectic tastes apparently remain my own) reminded me.

hockeychic said...

Hope you guys are having a great time and not sitting in a jail cell as I write this.

What a game last night! Herm's head must be spinning.

cmk said...

Damn, but my comment ^ sounded whiny and self-pitying! Sorry, didn't mean it to be so. Light-hearted and 'winky-faced' doesn't translate all that well on the interwebs.

As I can see from Twitter, it doesn't look as if anyone went missing last night--OR spent the night in jail. Good job. It sounds as if fun was had by all--and I'm still sorry I missed it.