April 20, 2010

Conference Quarterfinals, Game 4: Red Wings vs. Coyotes


(Photo credit to Sullyosis, who actually managed to stumble onto the ice drunk and take this awesome picture)

Time permitting, I may update this post with an actual recap, but something had to go up tonight.

THAT was a playoff game. Nothing feels more tense than scoreless playoff hockey, and that's what we had for more than half of Game 4. Jimmy pulled his sack out for this one and put it on the foreheads of all that whispered Chris Osgood's name the last two days. Hank is a postseason monster. Even #44 got in on the action tonight and both of us have to admit that we were impressed.

I'll also take partial credit for dusting off the old "Shower Cap" this morning. As weird as it is to mention anything to do with my nakedness (whatever, we're all family here), it has brought way more good luck than bad luck the past three seasons when my Red Wings baseball hat is in the tub during shower time. I suggest you try this at home. It's fun and incredibly stupid at the same time.

Get naked. Go Wings.


cmk said...

Oh boy. ME naked? Even I don't want to see that! ;)

Sullyosis said...

Don't have to tell me to get naked you know I was naked when I took that photo!!!!zomg!!1!Lol.!

Seriously badass though. Scoreless hockey makes me feel like a hockey coach. I'm emotionless, stoic and sit there like a stone until we score. I expect the worst but pray for the best. I also know that if we play the way we can, we'll be okay.

Go Wings!

Guilherme Calciolari said...

Don't tease you know you wont post an actual recap. That would be like #44 winning a foot race and... WHAT?!

hockeychic said...

Intense! Kudos to Jimmah and I guess I have to admit the #44 played well (ugh, I feel dirty now).

Triple Deke Staff said...

Intense! Kudos to Jimmah and I guess I have to admit the #44 played well (ugh, I feel dirty now).

Wow, I knew I had it in me, but you? I'm impressed with your courage.

- Tyler

Baroque said...

He did play well.

Doesn't mean I don't still hate him and want him gone as soon as the season is over, and retch a little every time I see that shambling primate in a Red Wings jersey.

Osrt said...

Tuzzi scores Cup winning goal after leveling Rosby with a huge open ice hit.

Calling it now.