April 6, 2010

TTD joins TOV: Episode #14

Be sure to ignore all life-altering emergencies and download the newest episode of The Obstructed View. That globetrotting sex demon Chris Hollis welcomes us into his e-home to join Joe Burkel from Red Wings Guy and Jess from Bingo Bango. There's also a contest:

"Since we try and keep the show SOMEWHAT (and I use that term loosely) clean, Tyler had some fun with swearing on the show and subsequently got the dreaded censor bleep a few times. We decided that this would be the perfect time to roll out another contest, so we are proud to announce the "What the F**K did Tyler say?!" contest here at TOV. Listen to the show, hear Tyler try to impress Jess with his lexicon of foul words and send us a mail (theobstructedview [at] gmail [dot] com) with your best guess at what Tyler said to earn the language misconduct during the show. Entries will also be accepted via Direct Message through twitter (@RedWingsOV). All of the correct guesses will be entered into a drawing for a prize that has yet to be determined, but will be awesome nonetheless."

I know nothing.


Chris Hollis said...

It's OK. You were experimenting and things happened. We've all been there.

J.J. from Kansas said...

You said Twat-Waffle, didn't you?

Triple Deke Staff said...

I can tell you that I didn't say twat waffle. As I told Petrella yesterday, it's not nearly that creative or funny. In fact I now wish I had said twat waffle.

- Tyler