May 3, 2010

Conference Semifinals, Game 2 -- Red Wings at Sharks



  • The first 30 seconds were terrible and frightening. Sharks dominate possession and draw a penalty. What was the penalty? Apparently Howard for slashing, but I don't really know because the game was on Versus. This set the tone for the night, both on the ice and behind the camera.
  • Thornton turnover, forced by Kronwall. Datsyuk picks up the puck, fights off two defenders and slots a beautiful wrister over Nabakov's glove. Reminiscent of Game 6 in the first round when the Wings were throwing everything at the Coyotes, they hung together and got the first goal. Didn't quite end up the same though.
  • The biggest reason I hate watching games that take place in San Jose? It's not the "tank". Not the usual 10:30 start times. It's the camera angles. It seems for years that the camera position was way too wide, and I thought that that's just where the camera has to be positioned at HP Pavilion. Now, Versus appears to have discovered that little button that let's you zoom in on objects, and are getting wild with it. Buck wild, I might dare to say. Tonight's game looked like somebody's drunk uncle recording a family cookout, except with commercials and without an excessive use of the phrase, "you know why I love you? No really. I fuggin' love you. Wanna know why? Do you? Do you wanna know why? What were we talking about?"
  • Joe Pavelski is whatever is whiter than white hot. I think that might be "translucent". He is translucent hot right now. Scores the first Sharks goal, then sets up the next with a little help from Stu and Flip. He finished with three points, 20 attempted shots, 13 faceoff wins on 16 attempts, and has nearly found a place on the Max Talbot All Star team.
  • I don't understand why the Wings don't win faceoffs anymore. This was something in all my years of watching that I've been fortunate to never worry about.
  • Howard robs Malholtra! What a save! That's one of the best glove saves I've ever seen! Wow, can't wait to watch the repl-- oh, of course. It goes right to commercial. Damn, now I have to wait for this Cash for Gold shit to be over with ... oh well, I'm sure they'll show it when they come back. I mean, that was a pretty remarkable save, no? One of the best of his young career. Okay, here it is-- Ah, nope, no they won't show it. Lindsay Soto is talking to some dude in section 218. Yep. There she is. Talking again. These cutaway interviews are just so fucking insightful, aren't they?
  • Homer had a big night, ass-facing Nabokov to help out on two goals.
  • What a reputation #44 must have. Two of the most mind-blowingly pathetic dives ever committed by man led to penalties -- the humiliating dive from Nabokov on one of the goaltender interference calls, in which #44's knee grazed against Nabokov's, sending him back into the net as if a cannonball plunged into his chest; and another holding penalty which led to an eventual 5-on-3 and a goal. The Wings DID take some dumb penalties, but there were some awful, awful calls made that ruined what could've been a fantastic game between two very good teams. I wish that saying this would actually change something, but the refereeing in this sport is inexcusably terrible at times.
  • And what I hope people will at least try to acknowledge is that the officiating was terrible for both ends. I'd argue that we got the worst of it if you tally up some of the non-calls as well, but San Jose got jobbed for a pretend boarding penalty on Patrick Marleau and a ri-fucking-diculous goalie interference call on Dany Heatley, in which it was plain as day that he was checked into Howard (with no other traffic in the area, it's borderline despicable that a call this bad can be made at the NHL level.) Off hand I can still think of a hook, a slash and a too-many-men call against us that were legit all in the 3rd period, so it wasn't all on the zebras. (This attempt at a clear eyed, level headed paragraph was for reader Fox. You fuck.)
  • Versus accidentally went to commercial during a Wings 3rd period PP, and came back after Nabakov made a big glove save. After missing numerous shots on goal with the zoomed in camera, the overuse of the word "buxom" and too much Lindsay Soto, I seriously considered turning off the TV and flipping on the radio. I really did. And Versus asks me before the playoffs if I'll blog for them as a Wings rep. and pimp their coverage on our site. Eat a taint.
  • Lastly, because I know that you're all looking to place blame after a loss like this: You can put it on me. Before the game I tweeted (What's that you say? You're not following @thetripledeke on Twitter? Improve your sex life by following right now! *Chest bump*) that the Wings had never faced a 2-0 or 3-1 series deficit under Babcock. Also, they're now 0-5 when I watch with Ms. Deke, but undefeated the entire season when watching with the entire TTD crew. It's as if I wanted this to happen.
Tuesday will be different, as the game will be watched by the whole TTD at our Lansing HQ while Ms. Deke is chained to a pipe in the basement without food or water. She won't hurt us ever again, friends.

Go Wings


cmk said...

I can deal with a loss if the Wings are outplayed by the other team. I can deal with a loss when the entire team has a 60 minute brain fart. What I CAN'T deal with is a game that is (basically) lost because of ridiculous calls by the officials. I'm hoping that the Sharks are pleased and proud that they won this game in a terribly unfair manner. Personally, I'd be embarrassed winning the way they won tonight. But then, I guess a win is a win--no matter HOW you get it.

I won't even comment on the bimbettes that Versus has asking the absolutely mind-numbingly asinine questions during the games. They are a disgrace to women who actually have a little bit of hockey knowledge.

I'm tired and I'm pissed, so I won't make any proclamations for the rest of the playoffs--I know whatever I say will come back and bite me in the ass. I'm just hoping for better officiating the rest of the way. And if you ask really, really nicely, I'll tell you what color the sky is in the world I live in.

Baroque said...

I'm sorry for being a devil's advocate. I will assume some of the blame and go stand in the corner and feel shame.

Versus sucks at broadcasting hockey, the officials are incompetent at best at calling the game and should be embarrassed to collect a paycheck, and the Sharks go down quicker than two dollar whores at the sight of a twenty dollar bill.

I hope the fans enjoy this while they can, because if San Jose does advance, they won't get 10 power plays each game against either the league's new golden boys in Chicago or a quicker, better-goaltended team in Vancouver.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

I don't get how people keep saying the Cleary slash was legit. He got the puck. He had to go through the Shart's stick to get it, but he got it. That makes it legal, just like if you knock the puck away and in the process trip the opponent.

John said...

LOL, Come on, What do you mean the Sharks didn't earn these victories. Chances are, if you put more shots on goal, you're usually going to get better results in the end. Plus, in game two the wings had two goals off the post, you can't say they meant to do that. Those were very lucky shots. One thing I've learned as a Sharks fan, you never know how these games will pay out, so you just sit back and enjoy the great matchup. Everyone wins when this type of hockey is being played, except maybe your gut.

Triple Deke Staff said...


I see it as, in the case of a trip, you're playing the puck before anything else, so it's different. Here Cleary is playing the stick before anything else, and not only that, now the Sharks player can't play the puck.

@John, "LOL, Come on, What do you mean the Sharks didn't earn these victories"

I talked about the Sharks ability to win draws, said Joe Pavelski is untouchable, and am probably the only Wings blogger you'll read who was actually mad when Heatley was called for goalie interference. I think you accidentally commented at the wrong blog, if that's possible.

- Tyler

Osrt said...

I was hating Versucks hard yesterday. I couldn't believe how bad the camera work was; you're dead on about the lack of replays too.

The officiating was garbage for both sides and bad through out the playoffs. Just terrible for the game.

And this game was being played by the two most dynamic teams in the the playoffs...with hate. You couldn't ask for more to sell the game.

Whatever. I'm going to try snorting flower pollen.

Dena said...

I don't know but maybe the two bullshit 5-on-3's (or 3-on-5's, thanks Vs.)contributed to the Sharks having more shots on goal. Or maybe it's just me.

Graham said...

Spot on. This series would be an epic one if the refs would just let them play. The Too Many Men penalty at the end was just a brain fart by the Wings, but by that time I think they were so out of sync from spending half of the third period on the PK that they couldn't think clearly.

And there some bullshit calls on the Sharks too. The Marleau "boarding" and the Heatley call were awful. I turned to my wife when they called Heatley and said "that's a make up call if I ever saw one". That doesn't make it right.

The Sharks have received the assistance of the refs so far in this series, and the Wings are still 2 goals away from being dead-even. I still believe they can win this series.

hockeychic said...

I looked at my BF last night and said, "Can you believe this is the channel I spent all these months fighting DirecTV about?" I hate VS and how they broadcast hockey, from the huge promos they run right through the middle of the picture to no replays on penalties, saves, etc. to the stupid sideline interviews. Oh yes, and then cutting to commercial in the middle of the Wings PP, that was just lovely. The camera angles at the Tank are horrible. You can't tell what's happening with the play is coming up the near boards. Ugh.

J.J. from Kansas said...

I talked about the Sharks ability to win draws, said Joe Pavelski is untouchable, and am probably the only Wings blogger you'll read who was actually mad when Heatley was called for goalie interference.

That's why I don't have to blog, my boys' got me covered. The Heatley call made me furious.

Fox said...

Hey, we fucks have feelings, y'know!

I can't help you with the officiating, but I can tell you, that back in the longago, when The Sports Leader deigned grace us with Mike Tirico waxing nostalgic about nights on frozen pond, there were days when, for whatever reason, ESPN and Fox Sports both had their cameras set up at the Tank, an lo, better angles would then appear. Maybe if you can get the feed from Windsor, they're using them; don't know. You're stuck with the drunken pigeon camera work though, no matter where they set up.

Truly, some brutal officiating. I'd love to take two of those a side off the board, then ask if, just maybe, after the rage died down, y'all might consider that on some of the borderline stuff ... ya got Bowman'd, but I'll understand if it takes a month or so. I'm also prepared for a Sharks conga line to the box sometime in the near future. The NBA: it's FANtastic!

Chris said...


Your post is why I don't do drugs anymore. I have no idea what it says (2nd paragraph).