October 21, 2010

Game #6 -- Red Wings vs. Flames


Scoreboard, bitch.

Hi there old friends, and creepy-assed Jay Bouwmeester with the "I saw you touching my ass -- and I didn't tell you to stop" face. Glad you found the place OK.

I realized that it was pointless to not be writing recaps when I would just make the same stupid comments on Twitter. "This is the exact same thing," I said to myself, "only I'm punishing myself with the 140 character limit and destroying any semblance of an attention span that I once had." The lesson: Twitter ruins everything. Also, your "...or I'll kill you" threats had no impact whatsoever. (Except for you, Herm. Not that I felt seriously threatened, but I really didn't want the only South American that we know to be a murderer. I find it heroic that you are from there and are not a ruthless cocaine drug lord.)

Thoughts on the game:

  • "It's like a pick in basketball..." In discussing Kindl's 1st period interference penalty, Mickey Redmond incorrectly compares something about The New NHL to another sport for the 1,000th time. The game was then stopped momentarily as Mick was presented with the inaugural Ed Olczyk Award.
  • Jimmy kept the Wings afloat in the first 10 minutes with 4 or 5 big saves. The biggest save came after Stuart and Hank teamed up for an especially vomity turnover, which Jimmy cleaned up with a snow angel.
  • Flames first goal: Mikael Backlund was, let's say, altogether ignored. Because the Wings usually play a sound defensive game, I can only assume that Backlund was left alone because of a genital herpes scare. Understandable. But then he scores the 2nd Flames goal too? Come on, you've got to man up with this stuff eventually. I mean, it's not like herpes have ever scared off Doug Janik before.
  • Hank got on the scoreboard thanks largely to Pav's pass-and-movement. Datsyuk pushed the Flames' D back and then delivered a typical, perfect backhand pass to Hank's stick for the one-timer.
  • Great to see Kenneth Rucker, or "Orange hat guy", given a tribute at the Joe, this the first home game after his death. A season ticket holder since 1972, they draped his empty seat in an orange hat and will leave it there for the rest of the season. (I'm legally required by Internet law to place "Classy" at the end of this paragraph.)
  • Wings second goal: Drew Miller made a really good effort to draw a penalty on Steve Staios. Then on the power play, Datsyuk thwarted the Flames curious strategy of placing him in a phone booth and set up Lidstrom for a blue line bomb.
  • This pretty much sums up my feelings on Miikka Kiprusoff.

The Mule didn't punch Kipper in the face, but he sure did a nice job
banking a shot off of it and into the net for his 4th goal of the season.

  • Larry Murphy: "You wouldn't know (Nick Lidstrom) is 42 years old." You're right, Murph. I didn't know that 40 year-old Nick Lidstrom was 42 years old.
  • I've come to the conclusion that Nik Kronwall enjoys blindly giving opponents the puck in front of his own net. If he enjoyed it any more, he'd have to cut a hole out in the crotch of his pants.
  • Employee #44 is killing it. Did you see that assassin's bullet of shot he made to clinch the game? It was deadly accurate. He's really got that killer instinct working. He's been, 1997 version of you would say, The Bomb. Just dial 44 for murder. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen where Todd Bertuzzi is slaughtering humans. Wait don't leave, I have like 12 more of these --
  • And finally: You probably saw the interview midway through the Chicago game last week where Jiri Hudler confessed that, while he missed a lot of things about the NHL, it was Ozzie that he missed the most. I didn't feel like FSD did a good enough job of playing up that completely fucking adorable revelation, so I fixed it:

Go Wings.


Guilherme Calciolari said...


Rob R said...

It's official: hockey season is here.

CWL said...

Glad to see the expert analysis of the Triple Deke is back!

saraneuie said...

I just laughed for five minutes straight at the Hudler video. Wonder what Drapes thinks of their apparent bromance. Or at least the mancrush Jiri seems to have... And I'm seriously disappointed that due to a crappy feed I missed the comment about TPH being a 42 year old 40 year old. Gotta love our permadrunk, hit-too-many-times-in-the-head broadcasters

Brian said...

The world is a better place tonight - Triple Deke is back.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I forgot to mention: Never, ever watch the video for Total Eclipse of the Heart. Just don't. I did and now I am sterile.

- Tyler

cmk said...

I should know better than to read your posts late at night when The Husband is sleeping. He doesn't take too kindly to being woken up by my hysterical laughing.

I noticed the remark about Nick being 42--and then I chose to ignore it. I don't put much stock in things that drunks say. ;)

Baroque said...

You are right about twitter hurting attention spans. I've noticed the same thing myself. I'm actually considering a twitter vacation for a while to get my brain working properly again.)

Nice work. :)

Matt Saler said...

"so I fixed it"

Bahhahaha, that was awesome. Welcome back, dude.

Natalie said...

Amazing, as always. Brian was right: The world is so dark and cold without the awesomeness that is The Triple Deke. Welcome back, fellas. You sure were missed.

Dena said...

The thought of the Triple Deke being back makes me tingly.....DOWN THERE. And by down there I mean my cankles. But you already knew that.

Cliff's Notes said...

Welcome Back TTD!

Tyler - The best version of "Total Eclipse" is by Hurra Torpedo. Seriously. Watch this, and it will reverse your sterility. You will never think of this song the same way again.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I like the Literal Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj-x9ygQEGA

Graham said...

Seeing that TTD was going to be back posting on Friday only to discover a post done on Thursday night is like the Easter Bunny leaving Santa Claus under my pillow, and then Santa gives me a fully-cooked and delicious Thanksgiving turkey and a copy of D3. Welcome back.

J.J. said...

Now that Tyler's back, Modano can stop sucking.

SYF said...

TDT comes back and the Wings beat the Flames 4-2.

It's so pretty in here now.

Sullyosis said...

" I don't put much stock in things that drunks say. ;)"

...but I love you. No, no no! SErioUsssly1!!1 If..I fggin love you..

BizCassty said...

"If he enjoyed it any more, he'd have to cut a hole out in the crotch of his pants."
This. This makes me want to kiss Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Deke.

Osrt said...

@Graham: Awesome.

The remix was so disturbing and so awesome and soo...wow.

Oh, did you know that "Janik" has only one more letter than Aaron Ward's last name. Coincidence? Doug Fucking Janik mannn. It's right there. Just connect the dots.

monkey said...

I had no idea Andy Andrews played for the Flames. So much makes sense now.

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

Dude - that Hudler thing is really twisted. Really.