October 29, 2010

Game #8 -- Red Wings vs. Coyotes


  • Yak Kindl was already off to a fine start with an early penalty. It continued when Radim Vrbata got him turned the wrong way and burned by him for a breakaway goal to open the scoring. Get out the salt and pepper, because this guy needs some seasoning. /high fives Bill Engval cardboard cutout with taped-on arm extension specifically made for celebrating bad jokes/
  • A terrible penalty by Mike Modano, giving the Coyotes their 2nd power play. Then...
  • ... The puck comes to Keith Yandle, and Osgood goes to his knees. He then pens an eloquent cursive letter to Yandle entitled, "I Want You to Shoot Over My Left Shoulder. That's My Left, Your Right. I Don't Want There to be any Confusion Here, so if You Would Like, I Can Place a Humorously Over-sized Neon Sign Over the Goal, Pointing You in the Vicinity of Where I Want You to Shoot. I Can't Express How Sincere This Entire Letter is. If You Don't Score, I Will Consider it a Personal Insult." Frankly I thought the title was obnoxiously long, but I dropped Journalism in college, so what do I know.
  • Lauri (haha) Korpikoski scores a short handed goal to make it 3-0, 12 minutes in, from about 50 feet out. I laughed. I really did. Then I stopped laughing when I realized, "Fantastic. Now the Internet doesn't exist anymore because Wings fans just set it on fire."*
* I like reading the opinions of actual netminders on goals like this. Like a George Malik, or Chris at NOHS. In the past I've seen goals that looked like they should've been stopped, but it's been stressed to me that deflections really fuck with the timing and anticipation of a goaltender. In this case -- without reading anything before posting this -- I don't understand how this wasn't 100% on Ozzie. Shouldn't an NHL goalie be able to adjust when it's from that far out?

  • I'm very much much opposed to being a part of the crowd of people at games who yell, "SHHOOOOOOOOOOT!" (although I have done that .... go to hell), but I have to draw the line at Datsyuk making a killer move into the slot and dropping the puck to Doug Janik. To Doug Janik. The only way I can understand Pav doing this was if he thought that big #37 pinching in was actually Mikael Samuelsson. In which case the only yelling in the building would be Sammy shouting "WHERE IS THE CANDY CORN I WAS PROMISED?"
  • I was fast forwarding through the 2nd intermission but it did appear that Mick was performing some sort of ventriloquist routine.
  • You know that move Helm does, where he banks a pass to himself and then goes around his defender? That has to be his signature move, right? Does anybody else have that one claimed that I'm blanking on? He does that twice a game, minimum. And somehow it always works. He either draws a penalty or gets around the guy.
  • I hope everybody saw the the clip of #44 talking about how he tried to start playing guitar. If you didn't see it, it was that his instructor told him his fingers were too big, so Bert doesn't play guitar now. The clip was about how he doesn't play the guitar. That was literally the most pointless story I have ever heard in my entire life. I've heard better stories from the weirdos on Jeopardy who do the dumb biography segment after the first commercial break. And every one of those stories is something unfathomably mundane like how the person "can't eat cheese after 5 pm."
  • The Holmstrom goal, the Wings' second of the game, was a well-earned effort from all three forwards on that line. But it also summed up the game. The Coyotes gave the puck away, and the Wings needed about 5 or 6 point-blank shots to get by the excellent Ilya Bryzgalov. Phoenix got their goals on a breakaway and two stoppable shots, then were solid enough the rest of the way to a W.
  • How strange does this look?:

Means nothing on October 29, but still.

Go Wings.


Cliff's Notes said...

Thanks for the Sammy reference. I challenge you to make a Sammy comment in every write-up.

No excuse for coming out flat when we're rested (even if there's a few injuries). We'll regret this one when we're grinding through six games in seven nights in nine different cities in February.

J.J. from Atlantis said...

I'm glad Osgood found a more constructive use of the time he's spending on his knees.

Word Verification: Mabletri - that's how I imagine Bertuzzi says "maple tree" with all four of his teeth.

Baroque said...

Note: at 5-2-1 the Wings are still on pace for 113 points. If that is only good for 5th place in the division by the end of the season, then the other two divisions should just hand in the hockey-equivalent of their man cards for being so pathetic and useless.

Small sample sizes are funny. :)