November 4, 2010

Game #10 -- Red Wings at Flames


Justin Abdelkader is a dish best served anywhere but a press box. To the recap bullets:

  • Am I the only one who likes the Flames throwback uniforms? Oh, okay. Literally the only one. I'll sit back down.
  • Jimmy made a stellar left pad save on the Calgary's 2nd power play, keeping the score tied at zero early on. Does Chris Osgood make that save? For the love of God I am kidding, don't answer that. Of course he doesn't.
  • I have been completely beaten to death by the continuous Sam Bernstein commercials. Being that I also watch Tigers and Pistons games on FSD, I'm as familiar with Sam Bernstein as Larry Murphy is with Jack Daniels. They've even roped in Mickey Redmond this year and, judging by his hair, convinced him that he was doing a Mad Men cameo. Then of course there's the Bernstein intermission reports from the Call Sam Studios, as John Keating and Murph sit at a desk made of the bones and tears from the Bernsteins of yore. My biggest fear now is blacking out after a horrible car accident and waking up in a hospital to Richard Bernstein feeling my face. It's all a bit overkill.
  • Mule for boarding: the right call. Whether the dude turns into him, doesn't, or whatever, it's an unnecessary and potentially dangerous play.
  • Nick Lidstrom is so good, he doesn't even need to perform an actual hook on another player to get called for hooking. For real, look up "talent" in the dictionary right now. It's a picture of Nick Lidstrom not hooking someone.
  • Man oh man, loved that Modano goal. You could see the back of his jersey trying with all its might to flap up in the wind when he swooped in on that puck and raced down wing.
  • Wings killed off a 4 minute penalty late in the 3rd period. The weirdest part was not feeling worried at all at the time of the penalty, and even thinking, "This feels like a gigantic 1-goal lead" with two minutes remaining. You're not supposed to be thinking that when your sadistically attached to a hockey team, but that's how safe I feel with THAT penalty kill rolling and THAT goalie in net.
  • Modano and Abdelkader got goals for the Wings. Immediately after the game, Jiri Hudler emailed Mike Babcock this with the subject, "HAHA NO TAKE BACKS". Babcock stared blankly at his screen and then opened up yet another lame forward from Jim Devellano.

Back at it Friday night in Edmonton.

Go Wings.


Rob Benneian said...

I really like the throwbacks too.

J.J. are from Mars said...

I was sincerely worried in the first period that Mick's head was going to explode with the penalty calling. You think the refs got a phone call during the first intermission telling them to cool it with the whistles or face the possibility of a colon full of Redmond podiatric footwear?

Ok, I'm not always going to do word verification, but I'm not passing up the opportunity to say that my word for this one was "hatin"

cmk said...

Sorry it is has taken me so long to comment, but my eyesight JUST was restored after looking at those Calgary throwbacks. Really, I thought my eyeballs were going to quit working if they had to look at those abominations any longer than I had to--they actually had a kind of glow to them. They were bad.

Osrt said...

Didn't catch the game, except a few glimpses at the bar. Tuzzi looked pissed one play. I thought he was going to bite someone's ear off.

The throwback jerseys keep making me think Theo Fluery and Al MacInnis are going jump over the boards next.

Mandingo said...

Damn it's good to see this blog back up and running.

I don't know if anyone was still awake, but the highlight of the night by far was Larry Murphy choking on his own sick during the postgame with Keating.

Please tell me someone else saw that.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I saw it too, Mandingo. For a second, I thought we lost him.

- Tyler

LaurenH said...

Calgary uniforms were works of art compared to those striped monstrosities Montreal assaulted the eyeballs with a couple years ago.

Made the mistake of looking them up again to refresh my memory (why would anyone want to remember those? That was mistake #1) and I think I just gave myself a migraine.

Sullyosis said...

I will always love, respect, honour and cherish that photo. Seen it here before but it never gets old. I'm talking of course, about the pic of us dancing thru the streets od Detroit together. The of Abby as Sparty ain't bad, either.

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

Nice photoshop.

Sparty, a/k/a Gator is demonstrating a significant upgrade over the Happy one - - maybe he is Grumpy now?