November 6, 2010

Game #11 -- Red Wings at Oilers


Boom, dinner's done.

I'm almost scared to feel this good about a hockey team on November 6th. It's still so unbearably early. Our three best skaters each have 13 points in 11 games played, and they're looking electric. Our ace goalie has a 1.82 GAA and hasn't lost a non-gimmick game this year. Now that Abdelkader has provided a spark to the former Black Hole line, everything is trending upward (with the exception of Jiri Hudler, who only trends upward after feeling a tongue on his back.) This has been a lot of fun to watch so far.

Game recap:

  • Nikolai Khabibulin: Surprisingly good game from the old Russian, stopping 28 of 30 shots, including a ridiculous one with his glove from his back in the 2nd period. Coming into this game he sported a 3.45 GAA, a .897 Save percentage, and a league-high .20 blood alcohol content.
  • How weird is it hearing Mickey Redmond's voice on this western Canada road trip? Usually it's Larry Murphy accompanying Ken Daniels anytime the Wings travel west (or as Chris Pronger calls it, "backwards through time"). But for whatever reason that I apparently have no desire to look up, we've been given more Mick. My theory is that he was finally convinced that they wouldn't be traveling by railroad, which of course Mick hates because it was built by Chinese people.
  • Again it was Jiri Hudler's two worst enemies that created the first goal. Modano and what's left of his open ice speed, plus Abdelkader and his penchant for scoring dirty, ugly goals. I present a fairly large assumption though -- that Jiri is capable of having enemies, or hating people. I actually don't know if it's possible. I have it on good authority that Jiri has in fact never hated or even remotely disliked another human being. However, he is saving up all of his hate for the guy who inevitably cancels Lopez Tonight.
  • Weird sequence surrounding the Oilers' first goal. Datyuk gets hit by Gilbert Brule, and then Ericsson decides that he and Brule are going to fight. I don't know if Gilbert was aware of this, but it happened nonetheless. Brule got a chance to realize what was going on when the linesman held down Johnny's arms in a poor attempt to break up the fight, resulting in three or four flush punches to Johnny's beautiful face. This resulted in the linesman catching a bloody lip, the Wings going down a man and then the Oilers tying the game on a Taylor Hall goal. The "weird" part that I alluded to was obviously Datsyuk getting hit and nothing else I said after that. I mean that never happens.
  • Whether you think the Ericsson penalty was frivolous or not, there isn't much argument over Zack Stortini's a few minutes later. Wing power play, brilliant little pass from Dan Cleary with his back to the goaltender and we're back on top with a 2-1 lead.
  • I don't remember specifically what caused this, but I have here in my notes, "14:49 3rd period ..... Mrs. Tyler Datsyukerberg" and an MS Paint drawing of me, Pavel and Hank riding a golden unicorn with Kris Draper's beard.
  • Very eerie how this game played out nearly identically to the Calgary game. Low scoring, both goalies played well but Jimmy was just a tad better, and despite the game being 2-1 it never really felt in doubt. I feel so happy, and so spoiled, that this is the opposite of what we were facing 12 months ago.

Go Wings


Rob Benneian said...

The same right down to having to kill off a late penalty. I remember thinking the same thing last night. Spooky.

Chris said...

you take notes? no wonder your recaps are so much better than mine.

Triple Deke Staff said...

you take notes? no wonder your recaps are so much better than mine.

If I don't at least have the computer open to jot down quick thoughts during the game, I end up with "Both teams played real good" as the only bullet point.

Chris said...

Sorta looks like the NOHS blog since Drew took a "break."