November 7, 2010

Game #12 -- Red Wings at Canucks


That's actually Anne Heche being eaten by a guy in a whale costume. Bullets:

  • The Canucks sported their 40th anniversary throwback jerseys, giving us three out of three Canadian games with great retro sweaters. My only gripe is that there were no last names on them; whenever the Sedins were on the ice, I couldn't tell who was the ambiguously gay one.
  • Ken Daniels, we know that you know that WE know you're saying "Livonia native Ryan Kesler" every single time. We're on to you. As for Mick, I was really getting the sense that he was giving himself a boner every time he said "Alain Vigneault". He was pronouncing the living shit out of that name.
  • Canucks goal at the end of the 1st: Uncharacteristic of the Pav/Hank line to give up a goal like this, where they get beaten down the ice after shoddy coverage at center ice. Because it was the Sedins, the play ended up developing too quickly for Ericsson to get back (You've got to give that poor guy at least 10 seconds to uncross his eyes after skating from one end to the other.)
  • The Wings responded with two goals in the first five minutes of the 2nd period. An ugly goal from Dan Cleary's hip (Abdelkader involved, again), and Nik Kronwall. Strange: Kronner got his 3rd goal of the season (and then his 4th .... by God, what a shot) before recording his first assist. He has zero assists!

  • Mikael Samuelsson scored. Of course Mikael Samuelsson scored.
  • Johnny got his first of the season, per his very odd belief of only scoring goals outside of the United States. Nope, no reason for you to look that up. He has definitely only scored goals in Canada and Sweden. And it's weird.
  • I missed what really happened on the 3rd Canuck goal. My drink was spiked with asp venom and I hallucinated Datsyuk turning the puck over and Manny Malhotra scoring a short handed goal. No don't get up, I'm okay.
  • Mule went from red hot to room temperature rather quickly, and I'm wondering what his actual health status is. I hate perpetually worrying about his health status.
  • Somewhat better night from Huds. Seemed to do a lot less thinking and moved his legs more, dug some pucks out from along the boards.
  • The 3rd period of a back-to-back: four penalties and 23 shots given up. With six minutes to play in the 2nd period, Vancouver had 8 shots.
  • No truth to the rumor that Michigan's Greg Robinson coached the Wings defense tonight. (That rumor started by me.)
  • After the Canucks scored their 5th goal of the game, Brent sent me this: "Should I turn that Kron picture 90 degrees and have a killer whale butt fucking the shit out of him?"

Well, it was just one game, and all that cliched stuff. Plus, Vancouver is really good. My Pointless Predictions had us facing them in the conference finals in May, so that must be true.

Monday against the Coyotes, back at the Joe. Go Wings.


itrusteddrrahmani said...

It's okay, there's no way to be mad at this game after watching the Luongo on weather channel clip

Triple Deke Staff said...

Thank you. Thank you.

J.J. from morf .J.J said...

So, is there any way we can still get the Kron picture rotated 90 degrees with a whale buttfucking the shit out of him?

I'd hate to think that there's a possibility that we could run afoul of Rule 34 and break the internet.

Baroque said...

That comment about Datsyuk...

I didn't see it as I had gone to bed, but the problem with that much awesomeness contained in one human being is that sometimes it builds up dangerous levels of pressure, and the only way to relieve it is to do something fairly brain-dead.

He'll be fine for at least another 10, 15 games now before he needs to pop the awesomeness relief valve again. Don't worry about Pavel. :)

mrfluffy said...

"That's actually Anne Heche being eaten by a guy in a whale costume."

I really really want to make a comment on this...but I don't think it's too appropriate on this family blog.

Didn't Big E score a goal in a dreadful Game 7 a few years back?

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut:

Says - - Big "E" should never, ever be allowed to carry the puck past the centerline. Bab's needs to fit him with one of those electric dog collars, maybe give Hudler the button to shock some sense into him. (recreate image of the 5 Hudlers laughing at Thid).

hockeychic said...

I know I'm really late but I've been away for awhile...YOU'RE BACK!!! HAPPY DAY!

I would agree with Baroque about Datsyuk...yes, that had to be it.