November 9, 2010

Game #13 -- Red Wings vs. Coyotes


Look at this dumbass. You look at this picture for more than a minute straight and you can't not laugh. You start picturing him saying little phrases. Then you picture him doing a little jig. Before long you start to question the meaning of your own existence. And once you reach that point, you wonder what life could've been like for Boner Stabone on Growing Pains had he just met a nice country girl who accepted him for his quirks and appreciated how he always had the toilet paper rolls facing the correct way. Long story short I'm going to have "Who Let the Dogs Out" stuck in my head for the next four days.

The Wings are iffy the first game after a road trip. They don't play well on Versus under the Def Leppard Curse principle. And this being the 4th game in 6 nights against a team that always plays a tough game, I'll admit it -- I was prepared to be disappointed. Not expecting, just prepared. And still pouting about the Lions game.

They played a little flat, yet still pulled out two points. I was very pleasantly surprised.

  • Took less than two minutes for Rafalski to get swinging again. Versus color guy Archie Bunker said that that Raf missed his target on his shot from the point; but if you've seen more than two games at JLA you know damn well that that shot was intentionally wide, around the traffic, and it left Dan Cleary with an alley oop dunk of a goal on the other side.
  • Did you hear Dave Strader haplessly doing that ad for the T.Ocho show? "/reading/It's the T.Ocho show. If you think you've seen it all, you ain't seen nothin' yet. And for the record, I would rather be prison raped by a guy with a cactus dick than read that again."
  • I used to think that there was nothing more useless than in-game interviews, and then Mike Babcock said "Ass" on live TV. Bob Harwood had the same look on his face as someone locked in Jiri Hudler's sex dungeon.
  • Know what I'm tired of? Montel Williams' "Could you use an extra thousand dollars?" nonsense. This fool is on every channel with his unexposed neck flaunting his money in my face.


  • Nice bounce-back for Jimmy, stopping 29 of 31. Really liked Salei, Fil, and Abdelkader. Jiri needs a goal so bad I'd willingly throw down 20 bucks to buy him one.
  • Nick only had 0:47 of penalty kill time. For what it's worth, he's a better penalty killer on the bench than Ericsson is on the ice.
  • I'm loving the schedule for the rest of this month. The next five are home against the Oilers, Avs, Blues (can't wait, seriously), Wild and Flames, then Atlanta and a home-and-home with Columbus. No back to backs, either. There are plenty of points to pick up in November.

Oilers on Thursday, back on FSD.

Go Wings.


J.J. fromage said...

Look at this dumbass. You look at this picture for more than a minute straight and you can't not laugh.

He tickles the back of my brain with his eyes while playfully poking my soul with those baby teeth.

For some reason, I used to get Montel Williams' name confused with Montel Jordan. Now every time those money commercials come on, I start singing "This is how we do it". That makes them fitting for Red Wings games.

I thought they recovered well from a bad start. This was a good game.

Michael Petrella said...

I tell ya what... there's a lot to say about hockey, but there's a far more pressing matter at hand -- and you nailed it.


This guy -- CLEARLY desperate to hang onto any sort of threads of television "stardom" after embarrassing himself with that Heath Ledger/Soldiers in Iraq mental-person tirade -- is on nearly every channel for HOURS on Sunday morning, selling me GOD knows what and then pretending like he's still relevant as he "welcomes to the show" some lame family from the audience that was plucked off the street fourteen minutes earlier.

Seriously, homeslice was selling dog beds immediately after a juicer the other day. GET THE FUCK OFF MY TV

Anonymous said...

What has 7 arms and sucks??? Def Leopard.

hockeychic said...

I had to leave in the middle of the second period and was feeling pretty disheartened at that point but then came home and watched the third period and was happy but then going to OT was worried and thankfully, Z made the night for me. Glad they came away with two points. Some very scary turnovers in that game...

Turbosexaphonic said...

I like all the filled seats.