November 20, 2010

Game #16 -- Red Wings vs. Wild


For whatever reason, I felt like doing this one liveblog style. So tonight's recap is timestamped and called as I saw it.

  • It's hard to not start every one of these Babcock bullets with "I love everything this man says", but it's just so true. The latest great quip from our falcon-faced leader came during the pregame, on line combinations: "As a coach, if you win every night, you're in control. If your a player and play good every night with your line mates, then you're in control and you get to play with those line mates. But if it doesn't go as good, then the coach is in control and he moves you around." I don't know. It's such a simple concept and not at all controversial or anything, but when it's Babcock saying it, it sounds like something read off of a stone tablet.
  • This reminds me: Am I the only one who watches the pregame shows even on DVR? Even if I'm getting home late and watching the game at like 4 am, it feels too weird to just zip right to the opening face off.

  • 20:00 -- Joe. Zay. Theodore. Man, my day just brightens up when this guy is in goal. He comes in with a 1-2-0 record, a mouthwatering 3.02 GAA, and a .909 saves %. Which translated across a season in which he only plays the Wings equates to a negative-7-32-0 record, a goals against average of Samuel L. Jackson saying, "This is some fucked up repugnant shit" and a saves percentage of this.
  • 17:45 -- Speaking of those combinations: I know I'm not the only one that thinks, "Poor old Homer" whenever I see his goofy face not on the top line.
  • 16:30 -- Another very good example for Babs to never contemplate splitting Hank and Pav up. Datsyuk left a drop pass for Nick coming down the slot and he just missed a goal, but the pass from Z to Pav from the boards on the left side was a thing of beauty. His head was up the whole way waiting for that play to develop.
  • 15:38 -- Eric Nystrom darts for the net and ends up plowing through Jimmy Howard at about 75 mph, no penalty. Jimmy gives him a shove. Nystrom thanks Jimmy for bracing his fall with his doughy 1-pack abs.
  • 13:15 -- The "NHL's best power play" belongs to the Minnesota Wild? How long has this been going on? And Cal Clutterbuck is leading the team in goals? Who is allowing this to happen? Jesus, I need Center Ice.
  • 11:44 -- A screen by Nystrom and 13 other players helps Brent Burns to a goal. 1-0 Wild.
  • 7:03 -- Minnesota is playing trap hockey with a 1 goal lead and 47 minutes to go in the game.
  • 0:00 -- Rusty Salei was your 1st intermission interview. I'll sum it up:

    • Keating: "How important is it to stay out of the penalty box against this team?"

    • Salei: "Well it's very important to stay 5-on-5. But I also likes savings the money, with DirecTV's five months free televisions package."

  • 20:00 -- Legit laugh out loud moment from Ken Daniels, as he and Mick pimp the Lions game for this Sunday: "Hang with 'em everybody, come on," said Mick. Ken retorts, " 'Hanging' might be the operative term there." Ken Daniels, once again for the record, implied that the Detroit Lions are so bad that fans want to hang themselves.
  • 18:35 -- I hang myself after Cal Clutterbuck banks in a goal to make it 2-0.
  • 18:35 -- Mick somehow questions whether the goal was good, even though there is zero evidence that the puck went under the net, leading me to wonder if he's even watching the same game. Oh, whoops. He's actually watching a the 1951 No Helmets / Wood Sticks / Say 'No' to New Taxes Heritage Classic game taking place in his own head.
  • 16:23 -- What the fuck is this ad in the corner of my TV? "Dr. Richard Santucci: Urologist", then a graphic of a doctor slowly pulling down his face mask and crossing his arms like he's trying to intimidate me? Am I actually seeing this? Because if there's one thing you need going into a urology exam, it's definitely the image of a guy with a scary voice saying, "YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. I'M GONNA BE TOUCHING YOUR PENIS."
  • 8:20 -- Wings fail to convert on ages of 5-on-3 time, still 2-0 Minnesota. It's 3 in the morning, I've been sick all week, and I'll willfully admit that I'm staring down the fast forward button on the DVR right now. It's tempting.
  • 5:26 -- Describing this won't do it justice, so hopefully you saw it. Tomas Holmstrom skates to a lose puck along the half boards in the Minnesota end. A Wild player is trailing behind him. Then, as only Homer would do, he fakes a gigantic slap pass back to the blue line before blindly backhanding the puck into the corner (whereupon it was immediately intercepted and cleared, of course). Think about this. As if for one second the Wild player would think, "Yeah, he's totally going to rifle a slap shot at his own defenseman standing 15 feet away. I better cover this." I love Homer.
  • 4:44 -- The Mule is playing frighteningly tentative.
  • 1:00 -- Mick laments against The Trap. Well Mick, it's legal, and it's a good way to beat the Detroit Red Wings.
  • 0:33 -- YES ... Darren Helm's first of the year (exclamation point). 2-1 Wild. More 4th line beautifulness, three guys forechecking below the goal line. Obviously a huge goal, coming with a half minute to go in the period. Great set up from Abdelkader, too, does that guy look confident right now.

  • 17:43 -- TIE GAME ... Hello, 3rd period. The tentative Mule gets just the break he needs with a lucky goal deflected off of Greg Zanon. It must be said that the power play that this was scored on came from a laaaaaaaaaaaaame ass penalty call on Matt Cullen.
  • 16:05 -- Todd Bertuzzi takes his first shot on goal in four weeks. Mitch Albom must be in attendance or something.
  • 15:05 -- Patrick EAVES (three exclamation points). 3-2 Wings. I love this sonnuva bitch. It looked so ugly and barely crossed the line in the end, but they all count. Abby won the faceoff that led to this, getting him another assist (If he so much as looks at a goal the right way you can probably count on me commenting on it.)
  • 10:24 -- Jonathan Ericsson saves a goal by himself on an open net. It's yet another giant step in the right direction for him. And that direction is directly upward as he tries to regain his 9'8" form from 2009.
  • 2:44 -- Really strong move from Mule getting a takeaway behind the Wild net and creating a scoring chance. That was very encouraging.
  • 1:23 -- ......And I didn't see that coming. Really didn't, not like sarcastic didn't. 3-3 game. Koivu caught a gift from Jimmy's right pad and buried it. Jimmy is sprawled on the ice in disgust. On comes Overtime.

  • 3:32 -- First whistle of OT. The first 1:28 was 100% Red Wings.
  • 1:38 -- Wings look like they're playing 4-on-1 hockey.
  • 0:41 -- Naturally, the Wild win.

Going to fucking bed.

Go Wings.


J.J. from the River Tribe said...

The Jonathan Ericsson saved goal had the same effect on you as it did on me and that makes me happy. I also wrote in my notes that it happened at 10:24 (time remaining, not time elapsed, like the stupid confusing system they use now). When I went back and watched the replay to confirm if the play really happened, I saw it really happened at 10:29.

My only answer to this is that it takes five full seconds for our brains to process when Jonathan Ericsson does something remarkable.

Also, the urologist commentary made me laugh a lot.

Rob Benneian said...

I had about the same reaction to Minnesota leading the league in PP%, and then I realized that they score so often on the power play out of sheer necessity. I don't think I saw them cross center ice 5 on 5

Ari Twice said...

I never noticed until now, but whenever I catch a game after the fact, not only do I watch the pre-game and the intermissions, I also watch all the commercials.

It feels like cheating otherwise, which is funny considering I always tell myself not to check the final score before I watch the game, so I can watch it for real. And yet, to this day, I have never done it. I always check the final result before hand.

Triple Deke Staff said...

As weird as it sounds, I would always rather stay up to an ungodly hour and watch us lose a heartbreaker in OT than find out beforehand. Hard to explain to non-sports fans.

- Tyler