November 27, 2010

Game #20 -- Red Wings at Blue Jackets


I had trouble posting my recap of the Thrashers game, so in case you missed it, I posted it here.

Big Game James, y'all. Bullets:

  • "The Wings will try to stop Columbus one win shy of their franchise record of 6 consecutive wins ..."BWAHAHAHA
  • Nick Lidstrom saved a goal on a Blue Jackets power play three minutes into the game. The phrase, "Your goaltender has to be your best penalty killer" insults him to no end.
  • This was the night of Chris Osgood's 38th birthday. Before the game the team presented him with a graphing calculator. You know, in case he wants to get bat shit crazy with those face off charts.
  • Mike Modano left in the 2nd period because he took a skate blade to the wrist. This is unequivocally the most emo injury in Red Wings history. (I've said it a million times: I don't get how people don't die regularly playing this sport.)
  • Fact: Whenever Murph gets pulled over by a cop, they skip the normal sobriety tests and instead ask him to say, "Rostislav Klesla" without his head falling off.
  • I'm trying to picture the conversation between Mike Babcock and Jiri Hudler as Babs was telling Jiri to go serve the penalty for too many men:

Babcock: "Huds, go to the box."

Hudler: "What? Why coach? I do nothing! No literally."

Babcock: "Too many men, someone has to sit."

Hudler: "Oh no, coach, that not going to happen."

Babcock: "Is that so?"

Hudler: "No way. I will have nothing to do with anything called Too Many Men."

Babcock: "We don't have all day Huds, just go to the box."

Hudler: "Coach, you not understand. Many girls come to watch Jiri. If they think I am involved with this 'too many men' then they won't agree to have the sex with me afterward."

Todd Bertuzzi: "Wait a minute, they're supposed to agree?"

Hudler: "Please coach, I beg. I need the after the game sexing, it is essential. I promise, I will consider the bank checking thing,"

Henrik Zetterberg: "Back checking, Huds."

Hudler: "Yeah that too, and whatever else you say during practice when I'm busy tricking Ericsson into getting his tongue stuck to the ice ... just send somebody else. I mean really, shouldn't it be Filppula?"

Babcock: "I don't give two moose shits what you say, you're gonna take your hot air balloon head over to that box and sit in it or I'm going to send you on the first thing smokin' back to Europe."

Brad McCrimmon: "Look, Huds, if you go to the box, I'll make sure you're taken care of after the game."

Hudler: "Really? How?"

McCrimmon: "You can sleep with my wife."

Hudler: "Hmmm. That is quite an offer. Is she attractive?"

McCrimmon: "No."

Hudler: "Does she know about this?"

McCrimmon: "No."

Hudler: "Does she have a penis?"

McCrimmon: "No."

Hudler: "You have a deal."

Jacket again on Sunday.

Go Wings.


J.J. from Sector 7 said...

Later, Jiri Hudler remarked how weird it was that Brad McCrimmon's wife looks a lot like her husband wearing a wig and speaking in a falsetto voice.

mrfluffy said...

Holy hell.

Heh, congratulations BTW.

So which TD got engaged? Tyler? Brent? All of the above? Poor girl...having to put up with both of you. All 3 of you. However many of you.

Word of the day- twipstie

Triple Deke Staff said...

T'was I that was engaged, Fluffy. WHO TOLD YOU?

- Tyler

J.J. from the Party Line said...

Everybody knows, Tyler.

(Baroque blabbed on A2Y)

mrfluffy said...


See...Twitter will be mankind's downfall. Hence the reason I've never signed up for it.

Either that or I'm lazy. bad?

Triple Deke Staff said...


I was kidding with the yelling of "who told you". I was just curious how you knew, was all.

- Tyler

Baroque said...


Good news travels fast? :)

(I took it on myself to inform the A2Y liveblog so everyone who might not follow you on twitter could offer their congratulations.)

Not like I was sworn to secrecy or anything, right? ;)

Osrt(s) said...

I'm in a hipster coffee shop in a very chic (sheik) part of Brooklyn and laughing my head off, saying "Many girls come see Jiri." I have my headphones on so I'm probably saying that way too loud.

Best. Engagement. Ring. Ever.