November 1, 2010

Groins 'n Such

"Everything in this room right now is made of wood. (Looks down.) Everything."

David Goricki reports that Ozzie left practice early after injuring himself in a non-America's Funniest Home Videos type of groin accident. Luckily, Jimmy is ready to go and will start Wednesday night.

Something called a "Doug Janik" was returned to Grand Rapids today as Johnny E is slated to return and pair up with Lidstrom. I have never heard of this Doug Janik. I hope the city of Grand Rapids is gracious enough to give us some sort of store credit for it.

Khan says that Abdelkader will stay in the lineup, which in my unexpert opinion means that Hudler is staying in his room for at least one more game. I don't know what happens from here. You can't mess with the top two units while they're excelling, and Babcock loves his penalty killers, Helm, Eaves and Miller. I don't think Modano is getting scratched less than a month into the season after Babs and Holland spent all that money on hotdogs at Comerica Park. You know that Babs also loves him some Abdelkader, too.

13 forwards and 12 spots. I mean couldn't one of these guys just get injured already and make the decisions easier? (That last line brought to you by the Drew Sharp School of Makeyourreadershateyouology.)


J.J. from where the swallows winter said...

Jonathan Ericsson used to be a forward, he could get hurt again.

just not until after Rafalski comes back.

If Datsyuk gets hurt, I'm breaking your knees...using your skull.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Datsyuk is a defenseman.

J.J. from the oldest standing cathedral in Europe said...

Datsyuk is a defenseman.

You win.

Baroque said...

Datsyuk is a defenseman.

That means Zetterberg will blow out a knee or something.

Actually, if a forward is going to get hurt, I pick Holmstrom. He always gets hurt eventually, may as well be now.

Anonymous said...

JeffOKWingnut, says:

You still live?