November 16, 2010


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Jiri Hudler, on his goal total: "One is better than zero." Indeed it is, Huds.

Weird times, we live in. On November 16, 2010, the day that we're not supposed to say goodbye to the Chief, (Smooth sailing, bitch), the most divisive issue wedging its way between the Red Wing faithful is not Todd Bertuzzi. He's not even 2nd on that list (Osgood), or 3rd (Ericsson; that is, if there are any of you out there -- *raises hand* -- who don't entirely hate him), or 4th (Aftermath of Prodano/Nodano). Bert doesn't even make the top 5 anymore, because you have to put "Dan Cleary's attractiveness" somewhere on that list. As a happily girlfriended man I'm not being petty here, I'm just genuinely confused: You women find DAN CLEARY to be an attractive dude? What is it? His Mr. Magoo-like penchant for catastrophe? The creepy "All I need is 45 seconds and a windowless van" stare? Todd Bertuzzi is so un-divisive now that I just used his name three times in a paragraph without even thinking. A deeper examination and possible apology post is coming in the near future.

#1, without question, is Jiri. You love him or hate him. As cliched as that sounds, it is fact. You either love what he brings to the table or you want to see him float slowly on a balloon raft straight into the Sun.

I've made no attempt to hide that I really like the guy. And more than Huds, I like and trust what Mike Babcock thinks. More from that first link:

While talking to reporters, one of whom pointed out Hudler had responded well to Babcock's challenge Friday, Babcock said: "So I better challenge him again today?" Seeing Hudler siting nearby, Babcock raised his voice and called over, "Huds, they're worried that I didn't get after you today. You're going to be all right, aren't you?"

Told that wasn't quite the point, Babcock smiled.

"No, I know what you're saying," he said. "But most of these guys are all the same -- they're proud guys, they want to do well. In my four years as head coach, I've never met one player that didn't want to please. Some didn't know how, and you try to help them with it, and some didn't want to dig in hard enough. Huds has been here before; he knows how hard you've got to work. And I think it's a surprise for him, when you go and you leave the best league in the world for a year, coming back and playing in it every day is hard."

Babs and Ken Holland both have this guy's back. It would be HIGHLY hypocritical of me to question your undying devotion to those two when I was so anti-Bertuzzi last year that I wrote this -- and by the end, actually half-believed it. You can question their judgment all you want, it's what we do as sports fans. It's a rite of winter, or something.

I, however, have just about given up on doing that. Not only do I like Huds as a locker room/chemistry guy, he actually has a track record of producing points. Before fleeing to Russia, he was doing that at a higher per-minute clip than most players in the entire league. As Babs said, playing a year of hockey with the difficulty level set to Rookie and then coming back to the NHL is tough, and it's really not that unbelievable that Huds is off to such a slow start. But, yes, there's the KHL thing; there will always be a portion of Wings fans who will root for his relegation to the press box or outright removal because he didn't cut his paycheck in half to play for your life-long favorite team. And where you see a guy not trying, I see a guy trying to do too much, a guy thinking too much and a guy who desperately wants to fit into the 12-man Red Wings forward puzzle again. You're entitled to have your perspective and I won't judge you for it, so long as you let me be happy cheering Happy. I like him. I like his game, I like his goofiness, and most of all, I like his weird egg-shaped head.


J.J. from the Press Box. said...

I like you.

Anonymous said...

since you've asked: left

I like Jiri, too :)

Steven said...

Whenever I get irritated with Huds, I just remember, "THE MOST," and then I calm down a bit.

Also, I vote left.

Sullyosis said...

Can I vote "straight?" Or is that making it too obvious?

You know what's really crazy? That post you referred to last season, a bunch more injuries happened after that. Worse yet? Bertuzzi was one of only two players NOT to miss time due to injury last season.

jennyquarx said...

That video is kind of creepy.

I like the center alignment. It's just how you roll and I don't want you to change it.

Osrt said...

ProCenter. Oh, we're not doing that with this alignment thing. Fuck you. PRO-Center.

You may be right that Huds is trying too hard to do everything right rather than take the risks necessary for a scorer to produce. I dig him too and would love to see Huds and Val as EuroSluts part Deux.

Sarah{GoWings} said...

I LOOOVE Happy... because, he makes me happy :). And he is working hard and doing his thing, and eventually everyone will absolutely adore him again.. just like they did before he left and broke my heart

itrusteddrrahmani said...

I just wanna if the clucking is back.

p.s. I like center aligned. it's different

Anonymous said...

I just wanna know if the clucking is back...that is.

Anonymous said...

Center, you plebes !

Baroque said...


I like Jiri. He's like a really weird baby brother who ran off to join the circus, and now he's back and trying to readjust to the family he left.

And I think Dan Cleary is not at all attractive and totally creepy looking, so I don't see where other women get that idea, either.

Chris said...

Left, because your site is a bitch to read centered on a phone (it doesn't resize when centered.)

Or move out of the ghetto and center that bitch as much as you want.

Cliff's Notes said...

Try Right-aligned once.

Happy is a unique player. He has some world-class skills, but he's obviously got some deficiencies that would rate as the worst on the team. Completely different skill set, but similar to Homer, in that it's up to the coaches to put him in a position to succeed, and to cover up his weaknesses.

Maybe they need to keep him on the second line, but have a defensive replacement ready to go. Just like they use Cleary instead of Homer on the top line to protect a lead, maybe they also need to promote someone like Abdelkader to the 2nd line when they are protecting a lead.

Anonymous said...

Left aligned please. Centered text is unreadable.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Thanks for the input. Honestly, it's torn right down the middle in the left align/center align battle. The lefties like it for the readability, the centaurs like it because it's our "thing". Very hard to decide.

Alas, I think the next post will be left-justified. I place slightly more importance on readability than old hallmarks. It's a Blogger site, so obviously we've never been big on looks anyway. Thanks again, readers.

- Tyler

Rob Benneian said...

I guess I'm late to the party but I like the center-aligned. I've always associated that look with TTD.

Also, @Sully, Bert was one of THREE players not to get hurt (Lidas and Stuey)

Sunday said...

Another vote for left-just.

I think Dan Cleary is good-looking. He does look a bit grim in some shots (okay, and slightly deranged in others), but hey, he's a hockey player! I expect no less!