November 11, 2010

Robert Tychkowski, You Have the Floor

Edmonton Sun:

"Welcome to Detroit, where the forecast, as always, is muggy, with a chance of murder.

When you’re trying to breathe a little life back into your year, this is not the place to visit. And not just because they use more white chalk at crime scenes than they ever did in the schools."

Bob's email is I implore you to take 30 seconds and say hi to him today.


Baroque said...

You have done a wonderful public service here, Tyler. :)

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingut

Is it any wonder then that newspaper subscriptions have been plummeting? EGAD, I am sure Robert had to repeatedly rub his synapses together to come up with that bit of rubbish.

J.J. from the 1200th murderiest city in KS said...

What a fuck this guy is.

saraneuie said...

Good thing I didn't know this before going downtown today to get my tickets. Had I realized I risked murder simply by entering city limits, I never would have gone...

Is he sure he isn't reading the crime reports for Gary, Indiana?

Osrt said...

Well done Mr. TDT.

Did they take the article down? There are only comments in that link.

I think you and a few others had a hand in getting it off the intertubes.

Triple Deke Staff said...


There's a comments tab and a story tab, so maybe you have to tab on over. So, we haven't done enough yet!

No but really, kudos to anyone who emailed him to give him a piece of your mind.

- Tyler

Anonymous said...


I wasn't as "diplomatic" about it.


ShawnG68 said...

type in "edmonton canada murder rate" into Google and you see Edmonton has the distinction of being the murder capitol of Canada.

LaurenH said...

"Edmonton has the distinction of being the murder capitol of Canada."

Detroit isn't even the murder capitol of Michigan (hooray for Sagnasty!) Way to know your subject matter, Robby T!