December 1, 2010

Game #22 -- Red Wings at Sharks


Lacking time for the typical recap, so I'll just state the obvious: This team is the nuts right now.

Don't talk to Sharks fans about it, though. Just ask J.J. Something about class, or .... I don't know. I don't know what that word even means anymore. There's been a drastic inflation of the word 'class' and now I think it somehow stands for less than what it did before. Let's cut out the entire class-to-douche bag measuring tape and come to a universal agreement:

1) Our team is good.

2) Your team is not as good.

3) Mike Modano claiming his favorite musical acts to be Hall and Oates AND Heart is the single greatest "anything" of all time. Funniest thing ever? That's Mike Modano loving Hall & Oates and Heart. Best movie? Modano loving Hall & Oates and Heart. Most influential world leader of the past 50 years? Modano loving Hall & Oates and Heart. It's almost too much, really. I mean FSD asked him what his favorite musical act is -- and he couldn't choose between the two. One or the other would have been great on their own, but he HAD to put both up there. "Ahhhhh, shit .... Heart is extraordinary, but Hall & Oates are just so damn good ..... god dammit ...... this is too tough ..... is their a time limit? Do I have to-- oh screw it, just put both on there." Someday I will stop laughing about this.

Go Wings.


Baroque said...

I am glad someone else thought that Heart and Hall and Oates was that funny. :)

(I had so many Heart cassette tapes when I was a kid...)

J.J. from Finishing School said...

What do I think of this article? it was the Modano loving Hall & Oates and Heart of recaps.

Eric @ PRBU said...

Man, is Johnny Boring Stories doing the commentary for the sharks?

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

The Rafalski pass to set up Datsyuk's undressing of the Sharks was almost as incredible as the goal itself.

If DET could ever figure out how to start games on time, then they would be truly terrifying, kinda like circus clowns.

Triple Deke Staff said...

The Rafalski pass to set up Datsyuk's undressing of the Sharks was almost as incredible as the goal itself.

Yes. I don't know if I've seen anyone else consistently make that pass quite like Raf does. That's his finishing move.

- Tyler

Anonymous said...

Thank you TTD. After listening to the first video, I can no longer take Larry Murphy says seriously.

I just break out into a fit of giggles.

Anonymous said...

* " longer take anything Larry Murphy says..."

Maybe I should learn how to type too.