December 5, 2010

Game #24 -- Red Wings at Kings


I don't think I would ever outright predict the Wings to lose a game (except for that one time), but at the very least, I spent Saturday afternoon thinking that I would be almost pleasantly surprised to see them pull two points out of L.A. given the Osgoodness and back-to-backness. To get to OT tied at two goals apiece, I was definitely satisfied. I'd take that if you offered it beforehand.

Oz was about as good as any of us could have hoped for, or as good as a fully rested Jim Howard would have been, for that matter. All things considered this is about the least upset I have ever been over a non-preseason loss.

Recap bullets:

  • First five minutes were encouraging in terms of energy level. The foremost thing you're looking for in the second game of a back-to-back is how the guys are moving their feet, how hard going after 50/50 pucks, etc. And the foremost thing you're worried about in a back-to-back with Chris Osgood playing for the first time in over a month is escaping the arena without being covered in napalm.
  • Big response goal from Bertuzzi early in the 2nd period, moments after the Kings had tied the game at 1-1. Bert immediately apologized to the Kings for shooting. (Ken Daniels pulled out his "SNIPED" catchphrase for this goal. Unfortunately, simply putting "Todd Bertuzzi" and "snipe" in the same sentence has made Ken Daniels a fugitive of the FBI.)
  • Jonathan Ericsson is a sky scraper sized plasma-breathing woolly mammoth of hockey fiction. He's more awesome than two monster trucks trying to make a baby.
  • Brad Stuart kills.
  • I love the lady furiously scribbling notes in the T-Pain commercial as he's flinging his sandwich around in that boardroom. " 'Mega ..... giga ...... byte ................. son' ? Or did he mean 'Sun'? Harnessing the Sun's energy, perhaps? My word, that's it: solar computers! Genius -- this man is a genius!"
  • Oz took the rare delay of game penalty for playing the puck outside of the trapezoid. "YOU KIDS WITH YOUR FUCKING .... SHAPES," he shouted.
  • Nick Lidstrom played the biggest role in the Kings game winning goal, trying to force a cross-ice pass in the L.A. end which resulted in a turnover going the other way. This happens maybe once every 86 years.
  • Now here's a stat: FSD shows that Larry Murphy was 1 for 1 in his career on faceoffs, winning his only draw against Florida as a Wing in 2000. "I'll have to look that up later," Murph said. Lord, what I wouldn't give to be looking over his shoulder as he Googles, "LARRY MERPHY + FACE OFF + A PLATE OF CONEYS PLEASE?", before jamming his printer with a hot dog bun.

End of road trip, end of post.

Go Wings.


Ed said...

Jammed his printer with a hot dog bun...

I have never laughed harder at anything you have than this.

Baroque said...

Larry Murphy strikes me as the kind of person who as a child would stick peanut butter sandwiches in the tape deck of a VCR because it looks like a mouth...

...and as an adult has graduated to Monte Christo sandwiches instead.

Jeffrey said...

I finished reading this post about 10 minutes ago...but everytime I read that last line I aLOL for about 30 more seconds. Great stuff, T.

a-me said...

my husband & i make about 10 larry murphy hotdog jokes per game. but yours are always funniest! awesome.

Anonymous said...

My sister and I can't tell- does Murph hit the bottle between periods? He always seems to have trouble talking the later and later the game goes on.

Also, the hot dog bun comment was pure, solid gold.

Baroque said...

Larry Murphy does not drink alcohol during the game.

He merely gets drunk on the intoxicating skill of Red Wings hockey. :D

Osrt said...


Only saw the third and OT because I was out getting smashed until my midnight curfew. Ericsson looks really good. I was surprised how much hitting I saw.

Ozzie looked solid and ate rebounds like Merphy does glue.

Primis said...

Commercials have given me two new catchphrases lately: calling everyone a "jackwagon" (God bless R. Lee Ermy) and T-Pain's "Mega GigaByte, SON!"

The Murph bullet point had me laughing uncontrollably out loud for a bit. My favorite part was that they showed the $1 Hot Dog Night graphic twice in rapid succession on the FSD replay later, and both times Murph circled it with the telestrator. He never uses the telestrator for anything useful... but hot dogs got him to... TWICE. If that doesn't say it all...

Is he officially "Merphy" now?

Allison said...

McCollum came this close to taking that same penalty for playing the puck outside the trapezoid at the Griffins game tonight. Naturally I exclaimed rather loudly about "You kids with your fucking... shapes." Explaining myself was a bit harder than it should have been

creasemonkey said...

Nick Lidstrom played the biggest role in the Kings game winning goal, trying to force a cross-ice pass in the L.A. end which resulted in a turnover going the other way. This happens maybe once every 86 years.

The Wings were attempting cross ice passes for most of the night and the Kings were intercepting them most of the night. It was horrible and the second time in 2010 I've been in the arena to witness TPH make a move that shortly turns into a goal for the opponent (broken stick against SJ game 2 was the other).

I will predict that I will be randomly laughing out loud for the next week while thinking of Murph with his hot dog buns.