December 9, 2010

Game #26 -- Red Wings vs. Predators


Not two weeks ago I remarked about how this team could play poorly and still win by two or three goals because they're that good. I still think they're that good. This is a rut. The team we saw prior to this week is the norm and will eventually return.

Rest easy, reader, for I have never steered you wrong before. I mean really. Remember that time we all got in my car and went to IHOP at 3:30 in the morning? I steered you around pretty well. We got there in one piece. We sat around for an hour and half waiting for our food, and we enjoyed our cold eggs and the assortment of syrups.

We've got the Habs on Friday, and because it's a Friday it's going to be a liveblog recap. That's just been the routine the last few weeks and I don't want to mess with that.

The real highlight of this game was on Red Wings Live, when John Keating said the words "The Production Line", "Operation Curly Fries" and "Blog site" in one segment. Because he was name droppin' TPL, and it was sweet. I caught it with this expert camerawork:

Between Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports Detroit, I think the Operation has to be deemed a success. Curly Fries has this victory all but sewn up and it's all thanks to your friends at The Production Line.

Real recap Friday, pinky swear.

Go Wings.


Sullyosis said...

Weird man, I too watched the game in a fallout shelter. Is everyone still voting?

mrfluffy said...

You need a new TV.

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut -

Perspective is a funny thing, I am scared shit-less.

Triple Deke Staff said...

You need a new TV.

Feel free to send some money then.

mrfluffy said...

The fiance got irritated at the Wii remote, so one has his own TV fund.

kjell said...

It seems pinky swears mean nothing to you.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Kjell, you are right. I have failed my own pinkies. Hoping to get back into the recap rhythm this week.

- Tyler

Kjell said...

Good to hear. I just saw the pinky swear comment at the end of the last post and thought I would be an ass.

Osrt said...

Dude, you have the Big Chill to recap too. The experience at least, if you want to ignore the game.

And if you don't make me laugh soon, I'll cut you.

Kevin said...

are.... are you ok?

Triple Deke Staff said...


Even through losing 5-0 and never really getting the chance to stand and cheer, I'd of course do it again. We didn't have the best view but it didn't even matter because just being there was cool. And cold. Halfway through the 3rd period, sitting still and getting your asses kicked, it got to be pretty chilly.

When we were in the concourse area and made our way into our section, seeing the ice over the horizon of the seats (I'm awful at describing this) gave me chills. I guess that's why it was the Big Chill yukyukyukyukyuk oh I hate myself.

Kevin: I'm okay. Recap early Saturday morning, I hope.

- Tyler

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

Geebuz Sparty, need me to send Rudolph so you can find your damn keyboard?

Osrt said...

I'm glad you made the best of a tough game. I wish I could have come man but family got in the way. My priorities were entirely out of whack; I think she drugged me.