December 1, 2010


This is bad ass. Production Line:

"For those of you who didn’t see the latest on Das Twitter earlier this afternoon, super sleuth #operationcurlyfries agent @scott_sabo spotted the latest awesome twist in our greased-up campaign. We’re in Sports Illustrated.

No, you that’s not a misprint.

…and no, we’re not talking about SI for Kids, even though that magazine was THE BOMB about 15 years ago."

The Internet wins again. Very cool, fellas.

SI for Kids was wicked awesome though. Somewhere in my old bedroom I still have my Alexi Lalas tear-out poster from that magazine. Which my little sister colored on. That bitch. She colored his epic red goatee blue. Only she did a really shitty job and it just looked like he was frothing blue foam from his mouth like he just devoured an entire Smurph.

But yeah, way to go TPL.

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itrusteddrrahmani said...

somebody mention curly fries?