January 3, 2011

Must read of the day

Via Baroque: Chris Osgood and the Hall of Fame

Read of the year, really. All three days worth.

"Part of it, I think, is that Chris Osgood just doesn’t seem like a truly dominant, elite goaltender. He’s never been the best goaltender in the league by the end of the year, he’s never been flashy, he’s never been signed to an enormous contract, he makes the fans nervous when he gives up a really strange goal…yet he has persisted through his own self-doubt, the extremely critical gaze of fans, being traded, being benched, reinventing his technique to remain effective as younger, quicker, larger goaltenders were coming into the league all around him, and has just kept winning more often than not."

I'm glad all of our badgering to get Baroque writing paid off like this. Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

And if that weren't enough... Ozzy's post season numbers sorta add the icing to that cake, Some playoff numbers: GAA of 2.09, his Save% of .916 is 15th all time, and he's eighth in playoff wins with 74.

Baroque said...

I looked at playoff numbers, too - but my fingers were getting really tired of typing. :)