February 12, 2011

Game #55 -- Red Wings at Bruins


What a perfect game.


  • Brian Rafalski joined John Keating on the ice before the game to talk about the team's inability to start on time. But the only thing I could concentrate on was the difference in cranium sizes that these two men share. You put anyone's head next to Keats' and it's a no-contest, but when compared to Raf's bald melon, it is exceptionally startling. I mean seriously, look at this. Whoops. Oh hell, it's close enough.
  • Keating closed the segment by mentioning Boston's "Taylor Seguin". Not to pile on Keats here, whom we truly love by the way (don't think I've ever said anything other than petty jokes about the man -- I should point out that I actually enjoy him), but as a Tyler who has been called Taylor roughly 2 quazillion times in my life I have to put my foot down and say enough is enough. I know you other Tylers out there are tired of being called everything from Trevor to Tyrone and I say the most sensible action that we can take is to kill everybody else on the face of the Earth. So starting tomorrow, all 75 of us are going to meet at my house, pick up a phone book and start exterminating. I say we start with all of our friends' moms because they are the biggest culprits, then work our way through elementary school teachers, and finally, put John Keating in shackles and hire Brad Pitt -- who will be playing Tyler Durden -- to dump hot wax onto his scalp and punch his nose until it turns and even stranger shade of red. Perhaps I've put too much thought into this.
  • The game had an odd start to it, as the Bruins still had four guys in the penalty box left over from the Montreal game the other night.
  • #44 scores just over a minute in, and I am bloody shocked. Not only a good start, but also a good sign to see us break out of our own zone with some authority and create a scoring chance like that right away. Those quick breakouts have been nothing but a foggy memory of late.
  • I'm even more shocked as Dan Cleary makes it 2-0 3:10 in. Two goals on the first two shots. Pretty backhanded setup from Huds. I do believe these fellas were listening when Babcock brought out the Angry Voice the other night.
  • There was a shift by the Hudler/Datsyuk/Cleary line midway through the 1st that was absolutely mesmerizing. There's no other Red Wing who makes us worry about linemate chemistry like Huds, so seeing this line take off is encouraging.
  • Oscar analysis from none other than Larry Murphy, saying The King's Speech is the favorite for Best Picture, but that The Fighter is a dark horse candidate. I know this is weird, but I was crushed by hearing this. The fact that Murph is aware of the existence of movies other than Weekend at Bernie's makes me sad.
  • It didn't amount to anything, but at about the 11 minute mark of the 2nd period, Darren Helm made a one-on-one move on Nathan Horton that about broke the dudes fibulas. These guys are pros; you rarely see somebody get burned that bad and look that bad while it happens.
  • Mark Recchi still plays hockey. Insane.
  • Hank's backhander had quite a night. An awesome pass to set up Huds' one-timer goal and a much needed power play goal of his own.
  • I have no choice but to say Bert's name now -- he scored the greatest goal you can score: The Behind the Net Bank Shot sponsored by Brendan Shanahan. For a three month stretch one summer it was the only shot I would attempt in street hockey. It cost me most of my friends, but considering that completing a successful bank shot is the hockey equivalent of this, you know that it's as good a feeling as a human can experience.
  • Hockey is a funny sport. I got out of work an hour and a half ago, watching this on DVR at 6:15 am, my eyes barely able to stay open. Yet I can't bring myself to fast forward through a 6-1 game in the 3rd period because I feel like I have to make sure nobody broke their face or had their neck sliced open with a skate. You know how it goes.

Good start, good middle, good finish. Can't ask for more than that.

Go Wings.


Osrt said...

Acknowledge the Tuzz, love the Tuzz, our future Conn Smythe winner.

Did you see Hudler help tie up Kindl with a rope then beat him with some padded weapon then drag him across the locker room? Man, I hope we never trade that guy.

Your friendly stalker,

The (s) says hello.

Guilherme Calciolari said...

I have no choice but to say Bert's name now

And you only use his nickname. Of course.

Hi Osrt!

Triple Deke Staff said...

Tell (s) I said what's up. I know I've said this but why do I have to type in the word verification. It's my damn website. No respect.

Hi Herm!

- 2srt

Kjell said...

My favorite thing wasn't the McDuck picture, but that it was from a website named cockrockmag.com. That made my day.

Michael Petrella said...

Not only did Murph drop some Oscar predictions on us (by the way, you're invited by annual Oscar party if you find yourself in New York), we also dropped "I'm not sure how important acting is on television these days."

I'm sure the television casting directors in the Red Wings audience is slim (read: probably just me), but OUCH!

Osrt said...

Hi Herm!

Petrella: 2srt(s).

Tell me that doesn't scream hit show. It doesn't. It softly moans hit show.

Anonymous said...

i like you tyler.