February 24, 2011

Game #61 -- Red Wings vs. Stars



  • My favorite "Murph-ism" ever was created last night. In describing Patrick Eaves: "He's very tough hockey." I'm just .......... I'm not going to say anything. I don't want to ruin the moment. Just gonna leave it be, take it in. He is very tough hockey. By God.
  • Odd moment happened midway through the 1st. Dallas' Jason Williams played a shift and inadvertently went to take a seat on the Red Wings bench, but nobody on either team seemed to notice.
  • Toby Petersen. Haha, Toby. That's a dog's name.
  • Goofy first goal from Dallas, in that you don't ever see a goal result from a defensive breakdown from Pavel Datsyuk. Stuart chased out to the high slot, leaving Pav the only Star to cover down low, Mike Ribiero, who was alone for the easiest non-empty net goal I think I've ever seen.
  • 2-0 Stars .... disgusting goal from Loui Eriksson. Kronner had to have felt like the loneliest man in Detroit not keeping that puck in at the blue line. And then a rarity for Joe Louis Arena, with the home fans showing their displeasure with some annoyed boos.
  • At the halfway point of the game, I was just waiting for the third Stars goal. It's a pretty embarrassing game when Mike Ribiero is doing whatever he wants (including jawing with JLA fans a little later). Then it happened, almost mercifully just to kill the tension. 3-0 Stars. You could tell that Jimmy was pissed about what was going on in front of him -- he showed it from the first Dallas goal.
  • Then Ribiero got checked into Jimmy's lap and he just about lost it. Not sure I blame him.
  • The best thing that Jonathan Ericsson has done in weeks is get a few punches in on Steve Ott in a 3-0 contest.

If this game were a meal, it would be a dog shit enchilada. Fuck.

Go Wings.


Baroque said...

My brother has a dog names Toby.

Sweet pup, loves people, total chick magnet...but dumb as a box of rocks. :)

Toby Flenderson said...

Hey... humans can be called Toby too...

Triple Deke Staff said...

Hey... humans can be called Toby too...

No way man. You are not Toby Flenderson. Nuh uh.

Sullyosis said...

Ha! My black lab is named Toby. Used to be named Kunta-Kinteh but we fixed that. Really though, honest to God my dog's name is Toby.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Ha! My black lab is named Toby.

You are shitting me.