February 27, 2011

Game #62 -- Red Wings at Sabres


While Jiri Hudler was awkwardly trying to readjust to North American hockey (and failing) for the first half of this season, he wasn't catching any breaks. Tonight, he got a picture perfect rebound land on his stick to tie the game, and then he won it in the shootout with help from a very lucky bounce off the post. If only he could teach Zetterberg how to do that.

I'd have a bad taste in my mouth if I were a Sabres fan. Detroit plays 2/3 of game and still wins. That ain't right. But Sabres fans don't read this blog so fuck those guys haha we win, here's some bullets:

  • MIKE MODANO! VALTTERI FILPPULA! IT'S RED WINGS HOCKEY, ON FOX SPO................ Oh god damn you Brian Rafalski. Once again, Boner Killington over here has a wonky back and throws a wet blanket over our parade. And he sort of resembles a boner, he should be all about them.
  • A simply horrific start. Not for the Wings -- I was talking about this recap.
  • Mrs. Johan Franzen was due to have their first baby today, says Ken Daniels. Almost instantaneously I Googled what a baby mule is called, when I read this on Wikipedia:
"Mules and Hinnies have 63 chromosomes, a mixture of the horse's 64 and the donkey's 62. The different structure and number usually prevents the chromosomes from pairing up properly and creating successful embryos, rendering most mules infertile."
In a related story, Johan Franzen hasn't scored in 13 games.

  • Murph mentioned that Mike Babcock and Lindy Ruff share scouting reports with each other for teams in their respective conferences. If this is true, I think it's about time for Babs to swallow his pride, dial Lindy Ruff's number, and find a way to utter the words, "I give up ...... how do you beat the New York Islanders?"
  • Surprising to see Ruslan Salei caught in a pinch, especially paired with Nik Kronwall, causing an odd man rush and a goal the other way. Had to rewind it twice just to make sure it wasn't Brad May.
  • FSD showed a clip from the press conference of the new Sabres owner wherein the mere presence of his Sabre heroes in attendance had him fighting back tears. I love that -- owners who give a shit. In fact it should be a requirement. If at your first presser as owner you do not cry, or at least look like an 8 year old who was just handed a Tonka truck full of pogs, the first season of TailSpin on DVD and methamphetamines (I was a strange child), the team should be immediately put up for adoption or on Craigslist or whatever the fuck they do. If it were me taking control of the Wings and Gordie Howe was sitting off to the side at my press conference, shit would literally be falling out of my pants. Within 10 minutes I'd be crying and reciting President Whitmore's speech from Independence Day while people looked on in terror and wondered if it was too late to get a refund on their season tickets. Then Gordie would slap me and tell me to quit being a Mary.
  • So here's what a typical mid-season Wings game includes now: The almighty offensive tandem of Mike Grier and Andrej Sekera blowing through the neutral zone and past the blue line with zero resistance, and scoring a goal with the likes of Nick Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg on the ice. That sentence makes me want to take a blow torch to my eye balls.
  • Datsyuk's power play goal was essentially Homer's. That screen was eclipse-like. Ryan Miller was on his knees and practically buried in his own net as if Homer had just finished a burrito during the commercial break.
  • Don't know if Modano could have looked much better without scoring a goal. He was flying. Pretty impressive to come back from a scary injury like 'severed tendon' and not look hesitant.
  • Really interesting setup to Jiri Hudler's equalizing goal. As the Wings were dumping the puck into the zone, and even as the puck was held up behind the net, Joey MacDonald was still not off the ice. As it happened I was about to complain about what was taking so long, but Jiri came roaring toward the net at the precise moment that a rebound landed on his stick for an easy goal. Had Joey gone to the bench as early as I had hoped, Jiri wouldn't have been in that same spot at the right time.
  • Buffalo exclusively went to the trap in the 3rd. With at least a two goal lead, I'd absolutely employ this against the Wings; we don't dump in chase, so why not try to force us to while limiting the transition opportunities that we thrive on. But you're tempting fate by doing it with a one goal lead for an entire period (especially when the previous even-strength strategy seemed to be really working).

Good show from Joey Mac. He looked so old, making those shootout saves all half-standing up and stuff. Tom Barrasso, this guy.

Go Wings.


Rob Benneian said...

I'm drunk and didn't see the third period but FUCKYEAHWINGSSHOOTOUTWINYEAHTERRYPEGASUS!!!! Ps when are we playing NHL11 so I can pull some Todd Bertuzzi dekes and shit.

Rob said...

Jesus I need to leave my phone at home when I drink...

Triple Deke Staff said...

Did you say "Terry Pegasus" at the end of that?

Rob Benneian said...

Sure looks like it

Anonymous said...

alright, time to post another article