February 15, 2011

Getting the whole band back together

Jinx! I just broke Zetterberg's foot with that title.

"Defenseman Brad Stuart was cleared to play by the Detroit Red Wings' medical staff and said he'll be in the lineup Thursday, when the Wings visit the Tampa Bay Lightning." (Freep)

Check out the big jaw on Brad. Our boy Stuart was killed, like legitimately murdered dead, by Tom Kostopoulos only five weeks ago. He somehow came back to life albeit with a broken jaw, and will be playing hockey again in two days. This shit never ceases to amaze me. If I ever break my jaw, I will either be bed-ridden for 10 months or simply commit suicide over not being able to eat jerky for that long. Speaking of suicide, the Freep also reports that Mike Modano is slated to return in 11 days after taking a blade to his wrist and missing three months.

While it wasn't a humongous slip, Stu's absence has helped us to a sparkling penalty kill of 79% in his wake (82% prior to his January 7th injury). And after all of the glum reports after Modano went down I am thrilled that he'll get back in the lineup before the beginning of March. Things are looking up, for the moment.


LaurenH said...

"Jinx! I just broke Zetterberg's foot with that title."

Impossible. We're on a mission from God.

Rob Masters said...

I love how this post is labeled with 'jerky'.

Anonymous said...

every time you don't do a game recap, i die a little inside.