March 28, 2011

I've become pretty bad at this.

A month between updating a hockey blog during the stretch run of the season is no way to operate, and it's also a good way to alienate both of your loyal readers. I apologize to you, Cregg and Karen. You guys are our biggest fans. (Cregg and Karen are my parents and if they actually have ever figured out how to stumble across this site without setting the house on fire, well, it's not possible so I hope my childhood home is still intact.)

I haven't balanced the working life with the writing life. I'm not going to say I've been too busy, because we all are, but during the non-busy times I haven't had the slightest desire to write anything. This sounds familiar. I think I might've said something like this 6 months ago..........
no -- I think that was Scott Niedermayer. Might have even been Rob Niedermayer. Whatever. Point is, I'm just letting you know that we're moving onto other stuff now from daily (haha) writing, so, thanks for reading. We might still post videos or something, but my main point here is that TTD is on my back burner and I'm putting my imaginary blogging pen down.

It's been real. We appreciate every nice thing that any of you have said to us personally or about the site. Three years ago I started this site thinking that I had a lot of shit to say and that I liked to write, but subconsciously it was probably because there was a missing connection with bat-shit crazy Wings fans from my real life. Over the following three years, I never would have expected to make dozens of new friends with people that were just as awkwardly insane about Red Wings hockey as myself. In fact that would be a ridiculous thing to expect, which is why you people are so cool. I consider many of you to be more than just 21st century pen pals. This has been above and beyond anything I would have imagined.

You can still catch us on Twitter @TheTripleDeke, @TheDecentGatsby, and @AstRegionalMngr. And eventually more videos will be added to our YouTube channel. Until next time, adios everybody. We'll be in the lounge with Kyle from Babcock's Death Stare.

Go Wings