March 15, 2012

Game #71 -- Red Wings at Ducks


There is little to say about this game that hasn't already been said about the dangers of bestiality. A few thoughts:

  • Rod Pelley is a forward for the Anaheim Ducks and is an Ohio State alum. Or as I like to call it, Poop with Poop Sprinkles.
  • I'm extremely close to embarking on a life-altering journey into the Swiss Alps where I eat nothing but mountain goat carcass and refuse to emerge until I complete my autobiography titled, The Center Ice Official Made a Penalty Call Instead of the Guy Standing Two Feet Away: Tales of Why I Lit a Whole Bunch of Stuff on Fire and then Fled to the Swiss Alps to Avoid Prison.
  • Corey Perry recently had his 272 consecutive game streak come to an end after injuring his shoulder against the Stars. That's not a very impressive streak to me. I would expect a guy to play 272 straight games when he's made out of Satan penis.
  • Through the 1st half of the game the lone highlight was getting to hear Nick Lidstrom talk in the booth for about five minutes. As soon as he left, the Ducks scored the first goal of the game and then began to pile it on in the 2nd period. I'm not normally one to believe in jinxes, but this time I think that Nick leaving the booth and failing to immediately get healthy and jump onto the ice to play defense had something to do with all of those goals.
  • Sidney Crosby was a +1 with 4 shots in his return to every NHL game tonight.
  • I was alarmed when about halfway through the 2nd a graphic popped up showing the mighty Red Wings had amassed one single shot on goal, in a tie game no less. This just proves the old hockey saying about the neutral zone, "Bruce Boudreau can figure out how to clog up anything, given enough time and Egg McMuffins."

I don't even. Go Wings.

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