April 18, 2012

Conference Quarterfinals -- Game 4


If Nashville didn't have enough motivation to put a team on the ropes that has been their measuring stick since entering the NHL 14 years ago, they were clearly sent over the edge by having their ping pong play time taken away.

This recap was going to go one of two ways: A long and extravagant celebration of life, or a hurried mess of anger because I just want to be asleep. On with the bullets.
  • A game away from elimination and my playoff beard isn't even in the "Hair" stage yet.
  • Congratulations to Ian White on his first body check in five years. And I don't want to alarm anybody but I think he's slowly turning into Josh Brolin.
  • The Wings have been playing David Legwand for all these years, and the name is still funny. But now it goes in cycles. Like every 15th mention of "Legwand" is hilarious again. It's like when a full moon happens, if that was childish and at all a logical comparison.
  • Guys, quit booing Weber when he touches the puck. He was here for a year, we almost won a Cup, it didn't work out. Let's move on.
  • I think the "TODD-BER-TOO-ZEE" chants are 9% because people really like him and 91% just because it's really fun to chant.
  • We'll win this series is Babcock makes every necessary adjustment. Every one of those adjustments starts with taking a cattle prod to Johan Franzen's chest.
  • Intent to Blow. This completely horseshit and seemingly made-up call happens to a Red Wings opponent. It was a miracle! Oh, what a joyous time to be alive! The sun momentarily rose to splash sunshine on my face. A family of deer walked into my living room to eat bread crumbs from my hand. I called loved ones that I hadn't spoken to in years. And in the middle of a conversation with my great uncle Bob, Nashville bodies become occupied by hockey gods and score the goal anyway. I called Uncle Bob a disgrace to the family and told him I hope Barbaro tramples him for an eternity in hell before hanging up on him.
  • Rinne on his knees is as tall as Hudler standing up. Ha.
  • And the back-breaker: the 2nd Nashville goal. Can a goal in a tie game be called a back-breaker? I'm trying to. When three guys and a goaltender chase a puck carrier out to Flint and leave the net abandoned, that's pretty unreal. That's going in the "Won't forget that one for a few years" category.

I'm not going to proofread this, eat me.

Go Wings.


bradonweb said...

What the hell was Josh Brolin doing on that play? Did he really think the other two Wings didn't have that guy covered or did he just see Anton Chigurh in the stands?

Josh said...

This game will be thought about for quite some time. It's a learning experience that the younger Wings guys just won't forget and shouldn't. Can't have that thrill of victory without the agony of defeat. No matter what happens, I'm still hopeful. Btw... White as Jonah Hex Josh Brolin? eww

Kevbo said...

This is exactly what I needed after "accidentally" drinking too much to forget this game.

You completely nailed the disallowed goal thing too. As a fan of both the Red Wings and the Michigan Wolverines, who have a lost 3-2 overtime games in the last 3 NCAA tournaments, with each game featuring a Michigan disallowed goal, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was still in the process of explaining to my girlfriend the magnitude of that goal and how it's gonna change the series around and then Oh, off a skate to an open predator with an open net? Sounds about right.

Hockey is mean.

We srsly need Chris Hansen to come in and catch these predators!

Stupid joke... I apologize.

itrusteddrrahmani said...

So I was at the Rangers Wings game at MSG a few weeks ago. sitting in the 10th row, when i see a guy trying to get in his 11th row seat. I turn around it's Chris Hansen. He sits down like three seats to my right and one row back. I turn to him and am like, umm Chris Hansen?? Without saying anything he does the most awkward reach out for a fist bump. I'm like okay and give him a pound. He then nods his head after that, and i'm creeped out. I say, are you a red wings fan? He responds, "well I am from Michigan after all". But he talks in the same voice as To Catch a Predator, so I felt very uncomfortable talking to him, like I was doing something wrong. So we keep talking about Michigan, and it turns out he's a Michigan St. fan, yada yada. Anyway, he was sitting with a 13 year old boy, who I'm guessing was his son. I then waited the next two periods for him to get up again so that when he came back and tried to get back in his seat next to his son I could make the joke, "why don't you don't have a seat right over here". He never got up again though, so my joke went untold. Ok, good talk.

The Triple Deke said...

Another A+ story, Rahmani. Thank you for sharing.