July 1, 2012

The Return of Mikael Samuelsson

Well this certainly came out of left field.  Mikael Samuelsson -- he who has been inaccurately characterized and parodied once or twice here -- will once again wear the winged wheel this fall.  While I laughed until I cried upon reading the news (seriously, tears), I don't entirely hate it.  It just makes me happy when my friend Jeff Hancock gets mad and boy oh boy was he mad at this!  Oh Jefferey.  Sammy will get $6 million over two years with a no-trade clause (eesh), and even though I disagree that he'll duplicate whatever numbers Hudler will put up next season, he might shock us and come close and do it for a couple million dollars cheaper.

Nearly as wtfish as the Samuelsson news was the signing of former Nashville pigmy Jordin Tootoo.  He was inked for $1.9 million annually over three years (eesh again) and is now the 65th forward currently on the Red Wings roster.  I would have to think the something is cooking on the trade front now and wouldn't be surprised if a trade occurs in the near future.  If that trade is for one Rick Nash, please god let it be a complete fleecing of Scott Howson and the Blue Jackets (as if there's another kind of BJ trade! No but really) or I might turn into a ball of fire and jump down Al Sobotka's pants.

As for Tootoo himself: fuck that guy.  For now, I guess.  He's really not that bad compared to what we have for what would end up being a similar role but good god man someone get him a new Wiki picture.

The Wings also signed Jonas Gustavsson toward the beginning of the free agent frenzy for $3 million over two years.  I don't hate that deal even though Gustavsson kind of sucks; it seems like literally every single signing comes with an "omg that's too much" reply, even though we all acknowledge the inflating market prices and sky high salary cap compared to just a few years ago.  If Joey MacDonald's back allows him to return to the solid performance he has show as a backup, then fine.  If not, there's some insurance.  Not every move needs to be a freakout one way or another.  -- Says the guy who freaks out seconds after every move.

Reports everywhere seem to indicate that both Suter and Parise won't be making a decision until tomorrow, so we won't know until then if we were fully 100% responsible for their signing.  Still holding out hope.

Go Wings

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Primis said...

I am absolutely beside myself on the Tootoo signing. Unless Kenny has a bigger plan to move him elsewhere, the Wing Way is now officially dead and we can longer call ourselves the "Class of the NHL". Because we will employ Tootoo, who has none.